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The content online marketing might brings your mind to the marketing for a product. Although it is not that incorrect it is definately not product marketing. In simple words it is the art of absorbing more visitors to the right content.

with the advent of internet, sending emails became a very fast, comfortable and economic way to advertise product and services. However, it was very soon it was made known that email can be also time consuming and a burden for many people. In this new world of internet companies don't care about to whom their email might be send and each company may send thousands of emails to various groups. Therefore, on the other hand email service providers such as yahoo mail , gmail, hotmail and microsoft provide new services to block and spam many incoming emails. sometimes even an email from the company you are subscribed to or have purchased something from might send you annoying emails. So what is the solution?

PhP web language has 8 data types which can be briefed as follows:

you can use this article as a quick reference in your web programing.

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