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Monday, 20 February 2017 23:40

email marketing tips

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email marketing tips email marketing tips wizard design

with the advent of internet, sending emails became a very fast, comfortable and economic way to advertise product and services. However, it was very soon it was made known that email can be also time consuming and a burden for many people. In this new world of internet companies don't care about to whom their email might be send and each company may send thousands of emails to various groups. Therefore, on the other hand email service providers such as yahoo mail , gmail, hotmail and microsoft provide new services to block and spam many incoming emails. sometimes even an email from the company you are subscribed to or have purchased something from might send you annoying emails. So what is the solution?


Solution for companies to get a better result from mass emailing

In this article I want to mention one very important solution to the companies who wants to send mass emails, subscription emails to users and non-users. That solution is the matter of choice. receivers should have lots of filters, frequency option and categories.


suppose you are company who sells different car products, for different cars and also you provide some maintenance services and also you provide some step by step guidance over internet.

So, should you include any update in your email? Just suppose a header, a sidebar , some headings of different categories and maybe some ads from your branches and subsidiaries. Would you yourseld read this email? forgeting the compatibilities and other problems and supposing it would reach your reader?

Of course not! This is were many companies are ahead of themselves and just want to do something to reach someone. either by hurting them or just ignoring their needs.

The solution is to go as simple as you can.

make the email clean with harmonic colors

give the choice to your users that in which categories would you like to receive emails and with what frequency

I believe this is in this way that users would be more inclined to read email. click on your link. and then you can go from there.

when the user click on the link then the next step is to lead him/her toward another article or product. However, again the web coordinator should not be greedy in this subject. otherwise the bounce rate would go high like the emails.


Hope you enjoy this comments.

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