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Tuesday, 07 March 2017 04:33

Online Marketing and Content Management

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Online Marketing Online Marketing wizard design

The content online marketing might brings your mind to the marketing for a product. Although it is not that incorrect it is definately not product marketing. In simple words it is the art of absorbing more visitors to the right content.

Search Engine Failures

Unfortunately after many years of search engines life, they have gone in a wrong way, A rather benefitial way for search engine providers. That's why finding a right content on the web is difficult these days. And it is so true. I as a search engine optimizer know that unless you pay for your campaigns on google, bing or yahoo you won't show up as top results.

There are many many layers and rules to abide so your website come up in search queries and unfortunately this system has its own gaps which many developers misuse it. For example you are looking for a book "X" and you end up on a website selling all things except that book. This is more common on languages other than English. Anyway, still if you follow some rules of SEO and use ads you can still be seen on the web.

Physical Example

So by marketing we mean that we want to market our content. it can be profitable or non. In any case you want to have your right visitor. suppose there is an event going on in your town and you want to let other know about it. What will you do?


First thing is amount of time you spend on spreading the word and more importantly how long before the event should you do that?

These are strategies on Marketing which should be implemented on digital contents as well.

Make your veiwers curious. Would you look at a busy, worded flyer while you are driving, listening to radio or using your cell phone? Of course not! simplicity is all! You should make your first title and appearance as simple and clean as possible! carefully select the words you think that might catch the eyes of beholder then make your banner or title.

So contextually speaking, make a banner on your website or a simple title with image which is simple and clickable. Then do the rest when you have your viewer. Little by little let them know about what is going on and what information are you giving them.

(to be continued)

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